In Australia creators are demanding to NSW Government to pay copyright fees

According to The Daily Telegraph, high profile creators such as best seller author Tara Moss and singer Jimmy Barnes are demanding that the Government of New South Wales (NSW) pays to thousands of writers, photographers and illustrators over seven millions of dollars owed to them in copyright fees due to the use of their works. The NSW Government is currently the only government in Australia that does not pay copyright fees “refusing to recognise the value in tens of millions of pages of author, researcher, photographer, cartoonist, journalist and publisher content”, as expressed by Tara Moss, who also highlighted the important contribution that the compensation for secondary uses makes to Australian cultural identity as it supports further creation. 

Adam Suckling, CEO of IFRRO’s member Copyright Agency, explained that over 200,000 employees of the NSW “use and distribute copyright material such as newspaper and magazine articles; science, technology, health and engineering journal photos and illustrations, in their course of their work every day” and even though the RRO had plan to use the same rate applied to every other state in the country, they have failed to settle the matter under reasonable terms with the Justice Department. It is expected that a new mediation hearing will result in a balanced agreement for both parties.